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Agile Project Development


  • Team Intro

    A self-organizing team immerses itself in understanding and exploring client's requirements to facilitate the creation of a high-end product

  • Project Analysis

    A uniquely designed, product-focused team partners with our clients to create successful digital products, to convert your ideas into reality

  • Timeline Analysis

    Timeboxed sprint cycles for accurate estimates that factor into planning and prioritization of tasks


Development and Versioning Tools

  • Project Management

    Keep track, follow progress of all stages of project development and effectively manage every project with JIRA

  • Version Control

    A distributed version control system facilitating the sharing, management and reviewing of codes hosted on the cloud.

  • Deployment Mechanism

    Bamboo enables automation, management and integration of new releases through a continous delivery server

Rapid Agile

Project Development Strategy

Ability to analyze and quickly implement changes to the initial project scope, utilizing the best inputs/outcomes from customers and empowered teams throughout the lifecycle of the project to ensure enhanced results.


    Sprint Planning

    • Product Backlog
    • Estimate Sprint Backlog
    • Commit Tasks

    Sprint Backlog

    • Assign Features
    • Time Estimates
    • Team Commitment

    Sprint Release

    • Analyze Sprint
    • Sprint Review
    • Minimum Viable Product

Task workflow


We love to bring your Ideas to life - be it for the web or mobile - with the platform and media you choose!



    A self-organizing team of designers, developers, testers and QAs work together to adapt and implement new features


    Funtional Testing

    Every iteration undergoes intensive tests run by cross-functional teams for minimizing overall risks, allowing sprints to quickly adapt to changes


    Staging Environment

    Completed and tested modules are moved to the staging servers for enhanced functional tests

Development Resolved

QA Resolved

UAT Resolved

Project Deployment...

Empowering clients for enhancing ROIs by developing feature-rich and performance-oriented products

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