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Ecommerce Website Development

Digitization has added an altogether different aspect to every other business in the world today. The context has specifically changed for e-commerce businesses as the notion of just offering "content" gives way to a more customized user experience.

  • Content Management/ Product Catalog Integrating a Content management System into the back-end offers the site owners to effectively manage, update or modify content on the apps, in real time.
  • Scalability E-commerce applications often have a prerequisite for high scalability owing to the extremely dynamic nature of users, user accounts, products catalog and the amount of transactions.
  • Security Security is integrated into the application right at the onset of the development stage through software security consulting, PCI DSS certification and code validation.

Development Processes at Logikosoft

The development team at Logikosoft has worked on some of the most amazing and challenging e-commerce applications and web solutions that have empowered the clients in growing their businesses from strength-to-strength. With a single-minded focus on enhancing as well as leveraging every aspect of the offered development solution, the development teams ensure that the clients' digital marketplaces are up and running at all times.

Continuous Integration, Iterative Builds
An Agile and iterative app development approach facilitates the release of fully functional build modules at the completion of every sprint cycle. Moreover, a single repository for project codes allow for project builds and automated tests that enables efficient collaborations from even remote teams.


Custom E-Commerce App Development

Every business is unique, with a definite set of processes that set them apart from their competitors, which implies a one-size-fits-all approach is not feasible at all. At Logikosoft, we understand the nuances of every business and their processes thoroughly before suggesting or implementing a solution that suits their requirements.

Our industry wide technology expertise and experience empowers us in developing solutions that range from the integration of an all-new module or extending the existing capabilities of the site - tailored to suit the business processes as well as the requirements.

Tools & Technologies

With a multi-disciplinary team of technical experts, we help you create unique digital experiences for your e-commerce business. Whether it's about extending the existing capabilities of your e-commerce site or building a completely new brand experience from the ground up, our expertise and available range of solutions empower you to deliver high-impact solutions.

Cater to the burgeoning number of mobile shoppers with responsive and adaptive web applications or a native mobile app that utilizes the features of the device to further enhance the buyers' shopping experience

E-Commerce Web Development Solutions

A comprehensive set of omni-channel e-commerce solutions to power businesses in utilizing the capabilities of their portals to the full, from analytics and marketing to driving traffic and conversions.

Strategy Consulting

A successful business requires more than just a killer idea - it requires strategic planning and careful execution of ideas, driven by market research and proven development methodologies.

UI/ UX Strategy

Fluid and intuitive interfaces are not just a visual treat, but also an effective tool to engage users and in increasing ROIs as well.

Custom Cart Development

Implementing dynamic shopping carts on an e-commerce website offer both users and site owners the ease of management with their responsive and adaptive design, boosting functional efficiency.

e-Store Customization

Customized applications featuring an intuitive UI, powered by intuitive back-end solution to enable easy order and inventory management to site owners, boosts the conversion rates as well.

Mobile Commerce

Expand and connect with the ever-growing mobile buyer with native or cross-platform mobile apps, optimized for the mobile interfaces.

Third-Party Integration

Enterprise-level e-commerce applications require the integration of high-end solutions - CRM, ERP, CMS, Analytics, recommendations engines, etc. - for enhancing consumer engagement on the app.

Payment Gateways

A wide range of payment processing options and the integration of an efficient and secure payment processing system with data encryption techniques to ease the payments process for the consumers.

Multi-site Management

Manage multiple e-commerce websites from a single dashboard, customized to simplify orders management, products inventory, marketing activities or keep track of performance in general.

Marketing Automation

Gain a competitive edge over competitors, run automating marketing campaigns or simply monitor the conversion rates with the marketing automation tool integrated into the app.

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