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Rapid Prototyping

The development process of an initial prototype of proposed software or hardware concepts is termed as "Rapid prototyping". Basically, it is a computerized method, which is aimed at reducing the iterative development lifecycle of a product. Generating a quick mock-up of the future state of a required system, before it goes into the complete development stage, helps the developers in analyzing the system and in generating design feedback.

Both users and developers of the system can easily visualize the system and provide feedback on it, with the rapid prototype, thereby reducing the amount of functional changes required in the final product.

Rapid prototype involves three stages of iteration:

  • Prototype development : The client requirements are developed into mock-ups, which then undergo the review stage to analyze expected user experiences and other enhancements
  • Review : In this stage, the mock-ups are analyzed in real or simulated test environments and reports related to their feasibility are generated, depending on user recommendations
  • Refine and Final development : Based on the responses to the prototype, actual development begins by taking into account the key areas of improvement

Benefits of Rapid Prototyping Solutions from Logikosoft :

  • Swift and interactive development of software prototypes
  • The final product almost always adheres to the initial prototype of the system being developed
  • The system model developed using rapid prototyping can be used for metric-based evaluations

The technology experts have rich experience in transforming concepts into prototypes and implementing them into the intended finished products. Their technical knowledge and business domain expertise enables them to be highly efficient in realizing how an idea can best be converted into a successful product. Our prototyping services include :

  • Assessment of the idea
  • Planning, which includes the scope realization, timeline and budget
  • Technical consulting
  • UX consulting spanning usability
  • Technical implementation
  • Lifecycle traceability
  • Real time reporting
  • Showcasing the finished products

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