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The Retail Industry of a country holds enormous significance in helping and powering the nation as a whole. It is quite clear that retailers carry out excessive research to find out the best ways of selling their products and services to the consumers. Along with new retailing strategies, International markets and its trends are also studied upon to develop more convenient and convincing ways of reaching to the customers. Retail industry demands good IT support for better supply chain management to ensure smooth and quick process among the suppliers and consumers.

Logikosoft brings to you the best of retail software engineering solutions to strengthen your supply chain management process. Our team of engineers and developers have delivered satisfactory services to many leading retail enterprises, who are now complacent to have a more simplified retail store management process in their business. Enterprises engaged in different types of retail practices can stay benefited using our technologically advanced software. The software can help you in managing the following tasks:

  • Inventory management with bar-coding
  • Sales that compromises order, return, exchange, due
  • Credit management.
  • Purchase that includes order, purchase return, supplier payments.
  • Physical stock verification and adjustment.
  • Repackaging and warehousing.
  • Financial accounting

Logikosoft store management software helps enterprises to get a strong grasp of the retail sales management and inventory. Whether your dealing with a chain of stores or a single store, there is a list of things that need to be managed such as efficient data entry, reports with on-line filters, summaries or detailed reports. Retail software is the one and complete solution to this. All kinds of inventory data management can be efficiently maintained using this software.

Our software is a multi-location retail software that supports limitless numbers of locations, ledgers, SKUs, items, cost centres and departments. The software enables you to deliver efficient customer service and excellent management reports in your store. Our product is a highly scalable product that runs independently on a single system and can be used on multiple network computers through one single outlet or across multiple outlets.

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