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Experience Content Management with Episerver

Logikosoft with its Episerver Certified development team specializes in providing Episerver development services for providing effective management of the content, digital commerce solution, and digital marketing options to developers

Web Content Management

Episerver enables the marketers and editors to develop and experience content at the same time. Meaning thereby,
you will be in exact control of what your users will see, the way in which they'll see, no matter
what the screen or context they're in

  • The Experience Editor

    With the combination of amazingly simple UI for generating experiences and powerful tools to market the content, businesses are enabled to target execution in a swift manner!

  • Mobile Web

    Create intelligent content with Episerver and use it on all websites, channels and screens. Not only that but it comes with the ability to adapt to any of the layout

  • Enterprise Search

    Generate search experience that assists your visitors in finding what they require in a simple and easy way, that too speedily!

Digital Marketing Like Never Before

Episerver with its solutions help you in providing your customers with multichannel and seamless experiences they always expected, be it through Campaign Management & Analytics, Persona Management & Personalization or Social Media Communication

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Smarter way to Digital Commerce

Get a unified marketing and digital commerce platform with Episerver Digital
Experience CloudTM to experience the most innovative ways for tapping
into the benefits provided by 21st century's marketing ecosystem

State-of-the-art Cloud Platform

With Episerver Digital Experience Cloud that offers unmatchable availability and performance and easy connectivity, experience the ability of effectively managing the customer demand spikes and get to come across a platform that specializes in adopting latest technology

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